Circuit of Ireland Rally

  • Craig retired

    Craig’s rumored temperature problems turned out to be lack of fuel pressure and the 208 T16 is stranded at the side of the road early into the first stage of the day.

    A cruel halt to an exciting challenge for the lead that was sure to thrill all the spectators lining the stages today.
  • Craig in trouble

    Craig is pulled in on SS11 with Temperature problems, update soon.
  • Good Morning Day 2

    Good Morning Day 2
  • Latest News

    Latest News
  • Craig 2nd Overnight

    Leader board after Leg 1

    2.Breen +12.6
    3.Barrable +1.40.2
    4.Wiegand +1.49.0
    5.S-Moffett +2.05.5

    Craig happy with his day saying the rally’s not over yet.
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10

    SS10 2.30km Street stage, low sun blinding some drivers.

    Breen FASTEST
    Wiegand +1.3
    Lappi +1.8
    Consani +3.4
    Simpson +4.7
    Barrable +5.4
  • SS9 Interview

Craig Breen


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