Circuit of Ireland Rally

  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 14.64km

    Craig reporting the biggest moment of his life at stage end, rear light and bumper damage, Abbring & Wiegand overshoot.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Abbring +7.6
    Breen +8.1
    Barrable +11.9
    S-Moffett +12.7
    Consani +19.3
  • Service 1 Interview

  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    SS5 9.92km

    Craig happy, the car is as little nervous due to the missing rear screen that should support the rear spoiler.
    The weather would have suited harder tyres also.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +0.9
    Abbring +1.7
    Wiegand +6.2
    Barrable +7.6
    S-Moffett +12.3

    Lappi leads by 7.7 seconds over Abbring, Craig 3rd 1.4 sec back. Barrable 5th +52.2, Moffett 6th +57.9

    Next stage at 16.01
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    SS4 10.55km
    Craig has a small cut on his left hand from trying to make repairs on the road section.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +0.2
    Abbring +0.6
    Barrable +10.2
    Wiegand +11.3
    S-Moffett +13.1
    Simpson +16.2
  • SS3 Interview

Craig Breen


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